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Your best bet is to try the Hide My Ass! Pro VPN Service.
Worked last time I tried it.

I have enjoyed way to many videos on YouTube, and I was somewhat looking forward to Hulu when it was set to launch about a year ago. Of course Hulu has blocked anyone that does not have a US IP address, so I have not been able to watch anything on Hulu. Well I was stumbling the other day and came across a post from LifeHacker talking about a program called Hotspot Shield.

HotSpot Shield is a Windows only application that creates a connection to a server in the US, and hides my actual IP address. Install it on a Windows machine running XP or Vista (32bit) and you can surf hiding your real IP address and have an IP address that is located in the US. Visit Hulu after installing it and running it and presto you can now watch Hulu videos even though you are in Canada. Be care what yo check when you install HotSpot Shield. It will ask you if you want to install a toolbar, and reset your homepage and you don’t want to do that. I installed it on a copy of Windows XP that I run in a VirtualBox virtual PC on my Ubuntu laptop and it worked great.

Hulu is not to bad actually, they just need to figure out there is more to the world than just the US. Of course if you are in Canada you can watch some TV on demand on CTV.ca and CBC.ca. If you were wondering what I wanted to watch on Hulu it was the last season of Battlestar Galactica.


The problem with Hulu is not that it doesn’t acknowledge life outside the US. The problem in Canada is that the wonderful people at the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) are blocking Hulu because it doesn’t meet the required Canadian Content standards. If Hulu wants to access the Canadian Market it will either need to start ensuring that 50% to 60% (depending on the timeslot) of their content is Canadian in origin, or they will have to pay a large fine.

The CRTC is attempting to regulate Sirius Satelite Radio in the same way.

The CRTC is dreaming if they think they can regulate this. They can try but they will fail miserably. That is the problem with Government and corporations for the most part. They just do not get it.

That was a silly comment. The CRTC has been using, what we affectionately call, the CANCON laws to regulate the media up here in the great white north for years now. It’s nothing new… or really all that bad. It’s just a safeguard to make sure that lazy, fat Canadians know they’re not lazy, fat Americans. The big-budget, Hollywood style blockbuster media that comes from the States would outsell our culture so well that we would lose what little is left. I personally am prepared to deal with crap like the Matthew Good Band if it means that my local news in New Brunswick (Canada) isn’t reported live from Detroit.

The issue is the content. They have different licencing agreements for each region. It has nothing to do with Hulu or the CRTC.

Crenor is right. It has nothing to do with Canadian content and everything to do with licensing rights. The TV stations (CTV, City, etc.) buy rights to distribute US shows within Canada. Their license includes web distribution. Therefor they don’t allow Hulu in Canada because it breaks the licensing agreements which were doubtlessly costly to purchase.

Hotspot Shield totally messed up my system. Hulu didn’t work and after a reboot no networking at all.

Safe boot and uninstall HotSpot.

Still getting periodic svchost errors.

Hulu has them blocked now. I have not used it for awhile. Been using UltraVPN for getting a US up address for testing US SERPS. Have not looked at Hulu for awhile.

Unfortunately there has never been a fair-play with regards to media and communication including cell; it has been fair-game against the people instead.

It begs the question which is “are we a Socialistic Canada or Democratic Canada”? Too bad the people do not have a say in whether they want to be treated fairly or not with regards to media including TV, Phone, and Cell.

CRTC only listens to huge corporations. Follow the money find the corruption/problem.

As far as I know we still have the right to vote a government of our choice. Maybe it is time to push this right to the utmost.

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