WordPress Android App


I wrote yesterday about my new Motorola Milestone smartphone. I have been exploring the Android app market and was happy to discover that Automattic has an official WordPress app. While I don’t plan on blotting regularly with the phone it does offer the ability to do the essentials with your blog. For example you can edit and add new posts and pages. Managing comments is probably the most handy feature.

Writing long posts could be tiring and time consuming using the app on your smartphone, but it is excellent to use to jot down post ideas and some basic notes.

It is also possible to upload photos from the phone and embed them in the post. For example here is a photo I took of my kids playing in the snow.

This is one of the reasons why I wanted a smartphone. It offers me the ability to do more in places where I am normally just waiting. For example the majority of this post was written while I was waiting for my kids at one of their afterschool activities. If you have a WordPress blog and want to do more with it on your Android smartphone check out the WordPress app in the Android market. I am hoping it will allow me to blog more than I have been. 🙂