It as roughly a year ago that I bought a Motorola Milestone Android Smartphone. Since then I have also bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab and have become a bit of an Android geek. This is not much a surprise really considering my love for Apple products. There are some things I really like about the Galaaxy Tab that make it better than some other tablets out there right now.

Size – It is bigger than my phone but not as big as the iPad. Sure the larger screen on the iPad looks nice but I can hold the Galaxy Tab easily in one hand and not worry about dropping it.

Wifi – I do not understand why Apple insists that you copy data onto their devices by connecting them to a computer. Honestly, it is stupid. Thanks to ES File Manager I can easily copy content from my computers over wifi.

Google – I use GMail, Calendar, Contacts, GTalk, Maps from Google and the tight integration of Google  products and services on Android really makes this a no brainer. It all just works together.

Flash – Like it or not Flash is a part of a lot of websites and with the Galaxy Tab I do not miss anything. I would not be sad if Flash died on the web but the reality is for now it is apart of it.

Bluetooth Keyboard – I recently picked up a Bluetooth Keyboard and Leather case and it has been a great addition with my Tab. It essentially turns my tablet into a netbook so I can write longer emails, blog posts etc. It has been great.

While the Samsung Galaxy Tab might already be out of date compared to some of the new tablets coming out it is an excellent device.

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