My cell phone is nothing special, certainly not when you hold it up to a smart phone like an iPhone or an Android phone, but it does the basics plus I can surf and check email. Using Opera Mini has made that much more enjoyable. I have been tempted to get a smart phone recently and seriously looked at a new iPhone, but in the end I could not justify it. Here are some of the reasons NOT to buy a new iPhone just in case you are contemplating getting one.

  • Apple – Apple and their app store are ridiculous. Read TechCrunch any day of the week to see how dumb Apple is being about the app store to get an example. If I am buying the iPhone I should be able to install what ever applications I want on it, just like a computer. I don’t need Apple dictating to me what I should or should not be able to install.
  • Rogers – I got sick of cell phone contracts a long time ago after Sasktel screwed me over on a three year contract. I will never again get a cell phone contract with any company. Selling my soul to Rogers for an iPhone is one of the biggest reasons to never buy one. Just take a look at the ridiculousness of their data plans. Hell will have to freeze over before I ever sign up with a Rogers plan. This is also the main reason to never get a Android phone, they are all on Rogers as well.
  • Apple Culture – Ok this one is hard to explain. In some ways it is similar to the first reason not to buy an iPhone, except it has more to do with the people that worship the ground that Steve Jobs walks on than it does with the company. To these people Apple can do no wrong, where the reality is Apple is no better than Microsoft, Dell, HP etc. The culture behind Apple and its products disgusts me and I want nothing to do with it.

I know there are plenty of people out there that will disagree with me about the iPhone, but I know one thing, it is not for me. I would be interested in trying out an Android powered phone, except for that problem about them all being on the Rogers network. I wish cell companies would realize that I should be able to use what ever phone I want on their networks just like I can buy any phone to use on my landline. I suppose that is to much to ask for yet.


I’m waiting to see who brings the Pre to Saskatchewan – I suspect that SaskTel will be the one to get it, can’t see Telus getting it (Bell has the exclusive for the Canadian launch). I hate dealing with cell phones – too much proprietary crap.

Ya it will probably be Sasktel. It would be so much better if you could just buy what ever phone you wanted and then choose a provider. No wonder Canada and North America in general is so far behind Europe and Asia as far as cell phones go. Guess I will stick with my pre paid phones.

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