In April 2009 we journeyed out to Parksville British Columbia. It was a long trip, but with regular stops at what seemed to be every McDonalds on the way there and back, visiting family in Calgary, and enjoying our stays at the hotels along the way it was an enjoyable trip. There was lots of beautiful scenery along the way and some firsts for the kids. Like driving through the Rocky Mountains, riding a ferry across to the Island, and seeing the ocean for the first time.

While we were in Parksville we had a great time checking out the local attractions and just spending time together. A few of my favourite highlights were Cathedral Grove, our VIA Rail train ride where we had a whole train car to ourselves, and our hikes to see Englishman River Falls, and Qualicum Falls. The kids of course enjoyed the playground in Parksville and we had to make it a regular stop for the kids.

I was also able to increase my photo collection of pictures of me near signs that bear my name. In this case I could not get close to the actual road sign, but I thought the Lee Road Ahead sign would be good enough.
Lee Road Ahead

On the way back we stopped at the Vancouver Aquarium. Matthew has been learning about sea animals in Kindergarten and this was a great chance for him to see some of the animals he had been learning about. We took in the dolphin show, the beluga whale show, saw sea otters, jellyfish and the kids were able to release a salmon fry.

It was also a highlight for the kids to regularly eat pizza on the bed in the hotels where we stayed on the way to and back. While most of the places we stayed at were just regular hotels, the one that was the nicest was the Super 8 in Langley British Columbia. It is a fairly new hotel and has a great pool, waterslide and a nice breakfast area.

Here is a slideshow of some of the photos from the trip. I have more to upload still but this is a good start.

It was great to get away. Many thanks to Rhett for watching the servers while I was away and to our neighbour for looking after the cats.

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