Free Public Wi-Fi

I am sitting at the Saturn dealer getting our 2007 Saturn ION serviced, once again, and I am amazed at the fact that they do not offer people a free wi-fi connection. In my opinion any business that has a waiting room should just automatically have a free wi-fi connection. With more and more smart phones using wi-fi, and people with laptops and netbooks waiting goes by much faster if you offer your customers an Internet connection so they can continue with their daily tasks. This should include doctors offices, car repair, airports, bus depots and any place where the average wait time is at least 15-30 minutes.

I am tempted to sit and hack the wireless network that the dealership uses. A salesman is sitting roughly 20 feet away using a laptop, surfing the Internet. I can see the network on my machine, all I would need is the key. Perhaps I shouldn’t, they might actually have something important on the network, besides I do have other work to do.

P.S. You are probably wondering how I am writing this on the blog if I don’t have an Internet connection. Simple, I am not. I wrote this in my basic text editor and copied it later when I had a connection.

The Geese are Back

Geese are Back
I have been going for walks around the local slough man made lake, and noticed today that the geese are back. I took a quick shot with my cell phone camera. I counted four geese, two malard ducks and two seagulls all sitting on the ice. They all looked a little lost not knowing what to do. The ice should melt pretty quick in the next few days so hopefully they will have some water soon

Working in Pajamas

Working in my pajamas in my kitchen.
Working in my pajamas in my kitchen.
Ok I admit it, there are days when I sit around and work in my pajamas. There are some people that will give me a rough time about doing that, but you know what, those people are just jealous. Face it, given the choice of getting up, driving through traffic, sitting in an office from 9 to 5 and then driving home I’ll take the option to stay at home and work in my pajamas.

Working in your pajamas has its benefits. They are comfortable. They fit loosely and don’t bind in places you don’t want them to bind in. They keep you warm on those cool days in the house. You don’t need to change when you go to bed. All around they are the perfect working attire. Just think about how much more work people would accomplish if they were able to wear their pajamas to work instead of some stuff shirt and tie. Oh, just thinking of wearing a shirt and tie to work everyday gives me chills down my back.

Working in your pajamas has gotten a bad image over the years. People think if you work in your pajamas you can’t really be working, when the truth is how can people work when they are wearing shirts and ties? The only thing the people that are wearing shirts and ties are thinking about at work is “when can I go home and put on my pajamas!” I just cut out all the time of me sitting around wanting to wear my pajamas and actually wear them!

It is time to liberate the workers of the world that are bound by their confining shirts and ties and free them to the reality of working in their pajamas. Think of how much happier you will be when you can free yourself from those horrible shirts and ties and can finally relax at work.