Unlocking a Nokia 6275i

I have a Nokia 6275i cell phone. I got it about a year ago and enjoyed it but there are a couple of things that have bothered me about the phone. Actually, let me be clear, it is not the phone that has been the problem, but rather the ridiculousness of the cell phone companies that think they have the right to dictate to me what features the disable on the phone. Two of my main frustrations with the Nokia 6275i have been the phone not letting me use an MP3 as a ring tone and the inability of me to be able to use several mobile java based applications. All of this because Bell Canada seems to think that I am either a criminal, incompetent or they are simply greedy. In either case, I don’t particularly care for their decision and since I have bought my phone outright and I am on a pay as you go plan I started to investigate how to enable some of these features on the phone that I should be able to do.

First there are some things you are going to need to unlock the Nokia 6275i. You will need a Nokia USB data cable, specifically the Nokia CA-53 data sync USB cable. Don’t bother trying to get one from Bell or another cell provider, your best chance is to find one on eBay. I got mine from eBay Canada from the Apluswireless eBay store. It only cost $6.00 USD plus shipping. They shipped it quickly and in roughly a week I had the cable. It is useful, I can connect the phone to my computer and see it as an external drive on both Windows and Linux. Makes it easy to transfer files to the phone.

Once you get the cable you will also need a piece of software from Nokia called Diego. You can’t buy the software, and the only way to get it is by doing some searching on Google. From everything I read and the version I was able to download you will probably want version 3.08 of the Diego software. Once you find the software you will need to follow the instructions to install it. I had two little hiccups. One because I had installed the Nokia PC Suite. In order to get the Diego software to install and run properly you need to make sure all other Nokia software is uninstalled. The second hiccup was because I was using Windows Vista instead of Windows XP. I had to disable the Windows Vista User Account Control to install Diego.

Once you get the cable and software installed you are set to be able to unlock your Nokia 6275i phone. I would highly recommend you save your phones current settings, just in case you need to restore the phone to it original settings. I had two goals. One to to enable MP3 ring tones and second to install some other mobile Java applications, like Opera Mini.

Doing a search on Google for I wanted to use a song from my son’s Kindergarten class as my ring tone. The Diego software offers a lot of options and it can be difficult to know what settings to modify to do what you want, and of course there is the possibility of messing up the phone. Thankfully there are other people out there that have shared their knowledge already. I found this video on YouTube was great in showing me exactly what to do so I could enable MP3 ring tones. Following that simple guide I now have my son’s Kindergarten class singing as my ring tone.

Getting other mobile java programs to run on the phone was a little more challenging. The whenever I would try to download mobile java applications, like Opera Mini the phone would constantly tell me the application was “Invalid” and delete it. This is not quite true, there is no reason that Opera Mini should not be able to work on the Nokia 6275i, except that Bell thinks it shouldn’t. In any case, I did some searching on Google and discovered that that the Nokia secton on HowardForums was very helpful. There is even a post entitled “The Ultimate Nokia 6275i Mod Guide“. There is lots of interesting things you can modify on the Nokia 6275i, but to get Opera Mini working I followed the instructions to “Install, download, store and play Java apps/games anywhere” section.

Generic Features > NAM > Middleware > Java (J2ME) > Java Settings > Java Configuration > Option 0 – Java Configuration 0

Generic Features > NAM > Middleware > Java (J2ME) > UI Settings > Miscellaneous UI Settings > Access to Java MIDLets in Gallery Menu > Enable

Generic Features > NAM > Middleware > Java (J2ME) > UI Settings > Miscellaneous UI Settings > Access to Java MIDLets in on MMC > Enable

Generic Features > R&D > Middleware > Java Features > Java HTTP Stack Options > Java HTTP Stack Options > Option 1 – Sun HTTP Stack

Generic Features > R&D > Middleware > Java Features > Java HTTP Stack Options > Java HTTPS Stack Options > Option 1 – Sun HTTPS Stack

After the phone restarted, I downloaded Opera Mini on my computer, connected to my phone in data mode and copied the files over and ran the application. Guess what? No problems with the “Invalid Application” error. Opera Mini connected to the Internet and I have been happily browsing the Internet on my phone with Opera Mini since then.

Thanks to all those people that do all the testing and work to put those modding guides together. You have made it possible to enjoy using my Nokia 6275i. It is a great little phone when it is not crippled by the carrier in what it can do.

Parksville, British Columbia

In April 2009 we journeyed out to Parksville British Columbia. It was a long trip, but with regular stops at what seemed to be every McDonalds on the way there and back, visiting family in Calgary, and enjoying our stays at the hotels along the way it was an enjoyable trip. There was lots of beautiful scenery along the way and some firsts for the kids. Like driving through the Rocky Mountains, riding a ferry across to the Island, and seeing the ocean for the first time.

While we were in Parksville we had a great time checking out the local attractions and just spending time together. A few of my favourite highlights were Cathedral Grove, our VIA Rail train ride where we had a whole train car to ourselves, and our hikes to see Englishman River Falls, and Qualicum Falls. The kids of course enjoyed the playground in Parksville and we had to make it a regular stop for the kids.

I was also able to increase my photo collection of pictures of me near signs that bear my name. In this case I could not get close to the actual road sign, but I thought the Lee Road Ahead sign would be good enough.
Lee Road Ahead

On the way back we stopped at the Vancouver Aquarium. Matthew has been learning about sea animals in Kindergarten and this was a great chance for him to see some of the animals he had been learning about. We took in the dolphin show, the beluga whale show, saw sea otters, jellyfish and the kids were able to release a salmon fry.

It was also a highlight for the kids to regularly eat pizza on the bed in the hotels where we stayed on the way to and back. While most of the places we stayed at were just regular hotels, the one that was the nicest was the Super 8 in Langley British Columbia. It is a fairly new hotel and has a great pool, waterslide and a nice breakfast area.

Here is a slideshow of some of the photos from the trip. I have more to upload still but this is a good start.

It was great to get away. Many thanks to Rhett for watching the servers while I was away and to our neighbour for looking after the cats.

Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs was here in Regina in April and my son and I went to the first show on April 16th. My son’s kindergarten class took a lesson on dinosaurs and had a trip to the museum here in Regina to learn more about them. When I heard that Walking with Dinosaurs was coming to town I wanted to take him. I remember watching the show on TV a couple of times and I heard it was really impressive. Tickets were pretty expensive, but I have to say they were worth it. I don’t know who was more excited about going my son or me. If you get a chance to go see the show I would highly recommend it. I thought it was great! Kind of like watching Jurassic Park live.

Here are some photos I took with my cell phone camera.

Here are some videos from Kyle Smyth who also went to the show here in Regina.