We used to watch the videos you posted on your old website when our kids were younger. Today, as part of the end-of-summer nostalgia we tried to track you down, and laughed at some of our old favorites. Although my youngest son (now 14) was bummed that you didn’t have the series about the owl’s mishaps. We spent hours poking through your site when they were younger, so thanks for all those happy memories. And thanks for providing a kid-safe site for us to share.

Our eldest has apraxia too, used to communicate only thru sign language, and we did speech therapy 5 days a week. You’d never know that now – he’s 17 yrs old, and doesn’t remember a single word of sign language – looks at us like we’ve sprouted horns when we talk about it. At his age the only thing I notice is he stutters a little when he’s really stressed, and there is some carry-over to poor motor-planning, so I have to talk him through some tasks the first time he does it. When I think of him, apraxia is no longer the defining word, like it used to be.

Hope you are doing well, and best of luck in your new endeavors.


Thanks! Great to hear from someone that used to visit Video Rambler.

Great story about your son. Thanks. Glad to hear how well he is doing. I never heard of apraxia before my daughter was diagnosed but since I hear about it regularly.

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