I heard a couple days ago from the Mozy affiliate manager that they would be closing down the Mozy affiliate program at the end of January 2014. The reasons for closing were pretty simple really. EMC, the company that owns Mozy, is really just not interested in keeping the affiliate program running. They do enterprise work and slowly the consumer side of Mozy has become less important. You can see this shift on the Mozy website over the years as the business and enterprise products have gotten more focus and the personal backup service has slowly been moved down and back.

I am disappointed that the Mozy affiliate program is closing down, and I will miss the extra money it brought in, I find myself more reflective on the years I have been promoting Mozy. It was because of Mozy that I ended up setting up OnlineBackupDeals.com which eventually turned into CloudStorageBuzz.com. It was because of Mozy that I discovered I could make money with affiliate programs and promoting cloud backup and storage.

The Mozy affiliate program was the first program I started to see success with in affiliate marketing. I got my first sale back in January 2008 and then I got another and another. I remember thinking that it was must have been just luck. Eventually that luck turned into many other sales and having many months of commissions in excess of $8000.00. I even hit $10,000 in one month. It was as close as I have ever come to winning the lottery.

All good things come to an end though and I remember the phone call with Mozy when they told me they were dropping the unlimited plan. I knew then that the good days of $8000.00/month in commissions were over. I have seen some good months still but nothing like that one year.

It is interesting that Mozy has decided to close when so many cloud services are starting now to focus on the affiliate channel for sales. Backblaze even had a great article in Forbes not long ago where they say what has been working to help them promote the company.

What did work, Backblaze found out, was to focus on low-cost options like affiliate links, in-house search engine optimization and a company blog. Of the ad services offered by high-flying web companies, only Google Adwords proved a steal, and even then, only for company-branded searches.

Another company that seems to be doubling their efforts is CrashPlan who just recently relaunced their program.

It is interesting that back in 2011 when Mozy dropped unlimited accounts CrashPlan and Backblaze were the big winners in new subscribers, and now that Mozy is dropping their affiliate program CrashPlan and Backblaze will once again be the companies I focus more of my cloud backup marketing efforts on.

I have to wonder if Mozy closing the affiliate program for their home service is a sign that MozyHome is going to be on the chopping block soon as well. Something to keep an eye on I guess.

I will miss working with Mozy and James. It has been a pleasure to work with James over the years and I hope he will enjoy his new job at Mozy.

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