It has been a long time coming but I finally broke down and bought a smartphone. A Motorola Milestone to be precise. You might have heard about this phone, it is called the Droid in the United States. Here in Canada it has been released by Telus. The Telus version of the Milestone was released today, unfortunately I live in Saskatchewan where Telus is not releasing the Milestone thanks to no 3G coverage here. The long and the short of that is due to Sasktel. Thankfully though, I did not get a Telus version, I bought an unlocked GSM version from Add to that a pre-paid SIM card from and I have a working Motorola Milestone smartphone.

The good so far:

  • It is fast.
  • Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps
  • The high resolution touchscreen looks great.
  • I now have a GPS, video recorder, camera, mp3 player etc. It does pretty much everything.

Things I have found to be not so great so far:

  • No upload with the web browser. I know I was shocked. You can upload through some apps but there is no upload ability through the web browser.
  • Why is there no app for Google Docs?
  • Rogers Pre-paid has no data plan for constant data connection.

It has been great so far to have this new phone. I am sure I will have more to say about it the more I use it.

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