Finally got around carving pumpkins here for Halloween this year. Not long ago me and the kids where at the local craft store picking up some Perler beads and we came across some pumpkin carving design books. No surprise that my daughter wanted the Disney Princess design book. My son went for the scary pumpkin design book, which was a bit of a surprise to me but he was quite certain that was what he wanted.

Tonight was the night to finally carve the pumpkins up, so we dug out the design books, brought the pumpkins we had bought in from the garage and set to work. My daughter decided on the Sleeping Beauty design, and my son went with the three headed dog. After about an hour we finally had two carved up pumpkins ready for display on Halloween. Since many of you that come here will not come by our house to check them out here are a couple of photos.

So what did you carve on your pumpkins this year?


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