When we moved to Regina I thought it would be nice to be close to a movie rental store like Blockbuster. It had been at least six years since I had lived in the city and I was certain that the local BlockBuster would have a better selection of movies than the gas station down the street. Well it has been roughly a year and while the BlockBuster did have a few more movies than the gas station down the street in the town we used to live in it came at a cost.

The gas station only charged $.99 to rent a movie in the town we used to live in. Ok they did not always have the latest release, but there are not new kids movies coming out every week anyways. A new release at BlockBuster you are looking at over $5.00. Even older family movies are $1.99 and then they try to convince you to rent it for a week with a rude customer service person that gets annoyed at you for turning them down. I guess that is the cost of living in the big city, but it does not mean I have to like it.

Why do people put up with late fees any more? The last movie I rented from BlockBuster I returned the day it was due after supper. I would have dropped it into their return slot around 6pm. Was it late, I suppose so. Went to rent a movie tonight and there is a late fee on my account for that last movie. It was not checked back into their system until after 11pm! It is not the amount of the late fee that is the problem. It was an extra day rental of the movie, but I am tired of late fees being charged to my account, especially when it took them five hours to check the movie back in. No more! Most of the movies the kids like to rent I can find at the library and for newer ones I am going to look into a subscription to Zip.ca. They are like Netflix in the US. DVD’s by mail. Send them back when you are done and get another one. Is it more expensive that Blockbuster, not considering that I never have a late fee to worry about!

The other big reason I am never going back to BlockBuster is just the sheer lack of customer service! I am sick and tired of rude customer service representatives. No wonder BlockBuster as a company is in the toilet. When you treat all your customers as if they are criminals then you will not have customers for very long. They must take their customer service training from the RIAA in the US!

So goodbye BlockBuster, I will not miss you! Hello Zip.ca! I look forward to trying your service and never paying a late fee again. I just wish Zip.ca had a streaming option like Netflix does. I have heard it is coming, that will make them pretty much perfect! If you try them out try entering the Redeem Code TWITTER to extend your free trial. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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