I do not play a lot of computer games anymore, partly because it is hard to find the time to devote to such things. I do find time to play to occasional flash game on the Internet though. Here are a few of the games that have distracted me lately from the regular day to day activities.

Warzone Tower Defence


Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop Tower Defence

Onslaught 2

Onslaught 2

So if you are looking for a way to pass some time online, there are my three latest distractions. What are your favourite flash games to play online? Leave a comment so I can check them out.


Well, you may or may not be aware of my current Facebook Bejeweled addiction. My husband wants me to see a specialist. I keep telling myself that the time I spend mindlessly dropping gems helps me think of new blogs posts, but I’m only kidding myself.

So I see you like destroyer-type games. So does my husband. Hey, wait a minute! He plays games too. Telling ME to see a specialist! How dare he!

Ya there is definitely a pattern in the games I like. When I was single I spent many an hour playing Command & Conquer. These flash games are often a quick fix I guess. They get my mind off work, kids etc for just a little while. I was never a hard core gamer like some people are, but it was fun to play once in awhile.

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