I am sitting at the Saturn dealer getting our 2007 Saturn ION serviced, once again, and I am amazed at the fact that they do not offer people a free wi-fi connection. In my opinion any business that has a waiting room should just automatically have a free wi-fi connection. With more and more smart phones using wi-fi, and people with laptops and netbooks waiting goes by much faster if you offer your customers an Internet connection so they can continue with their daily tasks. This should include doctors offices, car repair, airports, bus depots and any place where the average wait time is at least 15-30 minutes.

I am tempted to sit and hack the wireless network that the dealership uses. A salesman is sitting roughly 20 feet away using a laptop, surfing the Internet. I can see the network on my machine, all I would need is the key. Perhaps I shouldn’t, they might actually have something important on the network, besides I do have other work to do.

P.S. You are probably wondering how I am writing this on the blog if I don’t have an Internet connection. Simple, I am not. I wrote this in my basic text editor and copied it later when I had a connection.

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