You know you are a computer geek when instead of looking first for cool and exciting games to play on your new Android phone you go hunting for a file manager. Not that I did not download some games as well but a decent file manager is just a requirement to organize all of the media I am going to create using the built in camera, video recorder and of course to keep track of all the audio and other files I want to load from my desktop onto the phone. That is why one of the requirements I had for a file manager was to be able to connect to a file share on my home network.

There are many good file managers available for Android but they all lacked the essential feature to be able to connect to a network share. The best app I found was ES File Manager. Not only can you use it to manage files on the local SD card but it can connect to Windows/Samba shares and FTP servers. This was exactly what I was looking for. Now I can simply connect to my main desktop Samba share and copy the files I want on my phone easily. No need to connect the phone via USB cable. This also makes it easy to copy and move photos and video off the phone to my main desktop. The only thing that would make it easier is if Dropbox finally got their Android app finished so I could just sync those files. Until then ES File Manager makes it easy to do.

Check out the official ES File Manager website for more details. Great app for those that want to browse local network file shares. Not sure why people use the other file managers.

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