We all have those companies that we love to hate. Some because I think they rip me off some just becuase. Anyways here are my favourite companies that I love to hate.

Cell Carriers – Pretty much all of them. Of course I have a particular hatred of Rogers and Sasktel, but they all pretty much suck.

Apple – All the Apple fanboys will probably jump on me for this one, but I hate Apple. Mostly because people think their products are so great when in reality they are nothing special, except being over priced. As a side note I also hate them because Steve Jobs needs a new wardrobe. The black turtle neck and jeans is getting old. This from a guy that does not have a great wardrobe. Not to mention I am sick of Apple being constantly talked about on Techcrunch.

Microsoft – Come on it is Microsoft.

Hulu – This hatred is probably more a general hate of old media in general, but Hulu gets mentioned because they are such a good representation of old media trying to control and maintain the same old same old. Tip: If you want to try and watch Hulu from outside of the good old USA try the Hide My Ass! Pro VPN Service.

Banks – I hate dealing with my bank. It seems like everytime I talk with them they are telling me about some new service charge for this or that. Less service and more service charges are their motto. If I could I would stuff my money in my mattress!

PayPal – This is similar to my hatred of banks, but PayPal gets a special mention because they keep saying they are not a bank. They are right, banks cannot sieze all of your money for no reason and not give it back.

Google – I have a love / hate relationship with Google. I love Gmail, Reader, Docs and my Android devices. Adsense and Adwords not so much. They are an impossible company to contact and they really do have some double standards. At least they do not all wear the same stupid black turtle neck and jeans.

Facebook – I do not even spend much time on Facebook compared to some people. If it was not useful for marketing my websites I would delete my acount.

That is all I can think of so far. I am sure I have missed a few but there has to be some that are not to bad right.

What are the companies you love to hate?


Don’t hold back, Lee – tell us what you really think. 🙂

Regarding Apple – call me a fanboy, I do think their hardware and software is very nicely designed (but yes, probably overpriced to some degree). However, I am concerned over the level of control that they’re beginning to exert over developers with their App Stores (both iOS and now the new Mac App Store). Not as worried about the desktop, but in the mobile space, they are shaping up to be the new Microsoft (in terms of monopolistic practices). As for Steve’s wardrobe, I happen to think that jeans and a black turtleneck are a good combo, but yeah, he could probably use a bit more diversity – although it probably makes laundry much simpler. 🙂

Microsoft – ’nuff said.

Hulu – I do hate them for blocking Canada – haven’t had a chance to try it to be able to form an opinion about them other than that. My blame is probably misplaced, and should instead be laid at the feet of one or more of the following: CRTC, Bell, Global, and the major American TV studios.

Facebook – pure evil, possibly only exceeded by Zynga (creators of Farmville, Mafia Wars, and other mind-destroying addictive substances).

I’d also add Adobe to the list for near-extortionate pricing for their professional tools and ubiquity of Flash and Reader security holes.

So… any companies that you happen to love? Or at least not hate as much?

What companies I love is the next post when I get around to it.

Had a call from Rogers yesterday and I needed to rant after that. Not that it was a bad call just a typical sales call. Why on earth would I get a Rogers Rocket Mobile Internet stick to replace my home Internet connection is ridiculous.

Good point about Zynga. I have never played one of their games on Facebook and never will so I had no experience to add them.

I have not paid Adobe anything since I bought Photoshop 7 all those years ago so I guess I have gotten off easy but you are right they are pretty pricey.

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