Today is the last day, after three school years, of driving my daughter across town to take part in a special communication classroom. She started there August 27, 2009. Normally I probably would not remember that so well, but I actually blogged about it. It has been a long three years. While I would never have let her take the school bus across town I am glad that her time at the communication classroom is over and our driving across town is done.

If you don’t remember my daughter has apraxia. It is often called different things, developmental childhood apraxia, verbal apraxia and apraxia of speech. Does not really matter what you call it though the reality is the same. She has to be taught how to talk, not like most kids who just pick it up naturally.

Looking back on the three years she has made some tremendous growth in her speech. While she still has several sounds that she is working on she has come along way from that first meeting we had with the school speech therapist who told us she was on the 2nd percentile of speech for her age. That was not a particularly encouraging moment for us and looking back on it was the moment that made us wonder if we had made the right decision to put her into the school communication classroom. While that first year was a tough one, with not having a very supportive school speech therapist and a private speech therapist that eventually quit on us (that is another story) things have improved. The school speech therapist retired and the new speech therapist has been supportive and helpful.

I have to say I am glad that I will no longer have to drive my daughter across town. While I would not have let her take the school bus everyday for the last three years, which would have meant close to 2 hours on the bus a day for her, it will be a nice change to have her full days at her local school with no need to drive everyday. Until fall though we have one more summer of fun at the lake and I find myself looking forward to time together playing at the cabin.

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