Video Rambler is Dead, Long Live Video Rambler!

Many years ago, back when Blogger still allowed FTP published blogs, when YouTube was new and my son was a baby, I started a video blog called Video Rambler. It was one of the first blogs I started and I posted to it regularly but time goes by and well Blogger stopped FTP publishing, I had a daughter and posting to Video Rambler got less and less.

I was looking at the site recently and thought it was perhaps time to move on from Video Rambler and shut it down but there are some videos I still like on the site that make me laugh, make my kids laugh and are just down right funny so I thought I would move some of my favorites here and with some magic done with IFTTT I might actually start posting some new fun videos that I find that I enjoy.

As I get some of my old and new video favorites posted here I will eventually close down Video Rambler, but parts of it will live on here so I can sit and have a laugh once in awhile with my kids about some of the funny videos we watched together when they were younger.