Robertson 2011 Halloween Pumpkins

I was never into carving Halloween pumpkins like this until I  had kids. Now it has become our family tradition to carve two pumpkins, one for each kid.

For our 2011 Halloween pumpkins Erica wanted a Barbie Kitty, and Matthew wanted an axe man. Thank goodness for those pumpkin stencil books that you can buy. Otherwise it would just be the plain old pumpkins.

Here is a short video I took of the finished product. Think they turned out alright. Lots of little lines on the Barbie Kitty. I was surprised it turned out as nice as it did.

If you want to see some of our past years pumpkins here are the links. Thought I had posted more than this but could only find the two.

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Surprise Bag of Updates

Hard to believe it has been almost two months since I have written anything here. It has been a busy two months and I thought I would give a surprise bag of updates on a lot of different things. So here are a few of the things that have been keeping me busy since I posted last.

I have a huge website redevelopment project going on for a client. It has consumed a considerable amount of time and energy. I can’t say who it is right now but will talk about it once it is launched.

My daughter started Kindergarten! She now attends school for full days because she goes to Kindergarten and her communication class as well. It has made more time available for me to work. That has been great considering the project I am working on.

I have been hanging out at Google+ a lot more. I still use Twitter but find the Google+ is really convenient to use. I can see Google+ becoming more and more important in SEO, but that is another post.

I have been trying to post more at the LGR Internet Solutions blog, but that has been hit and miss as well.

I have decided to attend the Affiliate Summit conference in Las Vegas in January. This was a big step for me, since I don’t usually find conferences very enjoyable. I thought I would give this conference a try and see if it will help me improve my affiliate websites. More and more my affiliate work has been out performing my web development work and has been more consistent for income. Thought it was time I focused a little more attention on it.

Our car that had the huge spruce tree on it at our cabin is finally settled. Insurance has decided it is not a right off and will fix it. This is good news mostly because I had no desire to find a new vehicle. It is going to leave me carless for 10 or more days. Still not sure how we are going to handle that. Apparently the insurance company will not cover a rental because somehow it was my fault a huge f****** spruce tree fell on my car. Anyway I guess I will have to rent a car out of my own pocket for that time.

I have been trying to exercise more. Not something that has always been a priority but I have been doing my best to get some exercise in every week.  So far so good, hoping to get in better shape for another trip to Disney World!

Life overall has been good. It is nice to be busy and having some more time to work has been great. It is early to start wrapping up 2011 but so far it has been a bit of a rebuilding year. 2012 is starting to look like it will be better. I have some big ideas that I do hope to get off the ground in 2012, but talking about that will be another day.