The Big Easy

I enjoy barbecuing and now that spring is here I have already been out cooking up some of our favourites. For Christmas one of the purchases was a Char-Broil Big Easy infrared turkey cooker. My wife and I had discussed getting a turkey deep fryer but the idea of all that oil and the fire hazard just did not seem worth it.

Just before Christmas I was browsing through the Walmart seasonal section and noticed way up on a shelf a whole rack full of Char-Broil BigEasy infrared cookers with a price tag around $55.00. I grabbed my cell phone and did a quick search for some reviews to see what the deal was with these cookers and why they might be so cheap. The majority of reviews looked good and the price was certainly right, so I went to customer service to get someone to help me get one down and I walked out with one.

Fast forward to Easter and I finally put it all together and got it ready to cook our Easter turkey. I am happy to report that this was a great purchase! Our turkey took roughly two hours to cook and it tasted absolutely incredible! It was nice and crispy on the outside and the inside was juicy and tender. It could possibly be the best turkey we have ever cooked. My wife is making a list of other foods to try in it over the summer.

Not only did the turkey turn out great it made the whole neighbourhood smell delicious. I am sure our neighbours mouths were watering the whole time it was cooking. We might have to invite some of the neighbours over for a turkey so they can find out how good it is.

Cleanup was also easy. I let the cooker run for a little while after the turkey was out to cook off what ever was still in the bottom. The cooking basket fit in the dishwasher and was washed up with the rest of the dishes. Certainly much easier to clean up than cooking the turkey in the over in a roaster.

We can’t wait to try other things in our Char-Broil Big Easy. It was certainly worth the $55.00 or so dollars I paid for it around Christmas time. Still not sure why it was so cheap but if you can find one at that price I highly suggest you pick one up. It will make the best turkey you have ever tasted. Even at over $100.00 that Amazon has it on sale for it is worth the price.

Cure for the Common Cold

I have been feeling under the weather for the last few days. Nothing major just the common cold, you know runny nose, a little achy and the occasional cough. We are not talking N1H1 or anything drastic, but it has been putting me to bed early and I have not been as productive at work as I could be. Feeling a little under the weather I thought I would stop this cold dead in its tracks and get the cure for the common cold. Now I know you are all wondering how I could have found the cure for the common cold, since some of the greatest medical doctors can’t seem to solve this great mystery. The answer is simple really, and is probably only a short drive from your home.

The cure for the common cold is Taco Time! That is right, Taco Time. I have discovered this after many years of testing knowing that when I start to feel ill with a cold that a visit to Taco Time, and a simple order of a Super Beef Soft Taco, Mexi Fries, a drink and copious amounts of hot sauce will send the cold packing. So the next time you are feeling a little under the weather head on out to Taco Time and show that cold who is boss.

Of course everyone has their cure for the cold. What do you do?

Coffee Time

Fair Trade CoffeeI enjoy a good cup of coffee. I am not talking about the over roasted, burnt tasting stuff that they try to pass off as coffee at Tim Hortons or Starbucks, I mean a good cup of coffee. A cup of coffee that makes you site back and go “ahh”.

A couple of places that I have found a real good cup of coffee include the Broadway Roastery in Saskatoon and in Rosthern you should check out the Station Arts Centre Tearoom.

Since moving back to Regina I have not gone hunting for the best place to get a real good cup of coffee, but there is a new place that has opened not far from the Home Depot here in the north end. Got a flyer in the mail for it recently. It is locally owned and I would prefer to support a local person and their business.

The best place that I have found to get a real good cup of coffee no matter where I have lived is at the Cafe Robertson. We buy fair trade coffee from Level Ground Trading and I have been very pleased with how good it tastes. That first cup in the morning just makes me feel nice and warm all over. Not only does it taste good, I can feel like I have helped do a small part in supporting fair trade and the people that grow and produce such a great cup of coffee. If you want a great cup of coffee give fair trade coffee a try from Level Ground.