Watch Hulu in Canada

Update: The service in this post does not appear to work any longer.
Your best bet is to try the Hide My Ass! Pro VPN Service.
Worked last time I tried it.

I have enjoyed way to many videos on YouTube, and I was somewhat looking forward to Hulu when it was set to launch about a year ago. Of course Hulu has blocked anyone that does not have a US IP address, so I have not been able to watch anything on Hulu. Well I was stumbling the other day and came across a post from LifeHacker talking about a program called Hotspot Shield.

HotSpot Shield is a Windows only application that creates a connection to a server in the US, and hides my actual IP address. Install it on a Windows machine running XP or Vista (32bit) and you can surf hiding your real IP address and have an IP address that is located in the US. Visit Hulu after installing it and running it and presto you can now watch Hulu videos even though you are in Canada. Be care what yo check when you install HotSpot Shield. It will ask you if you want to install a toolbar, and reset your homepage and you don’t want to do that. I installed it on a copy of Windows XP that I run in a VirtualBox virtual PC on my Ubuntu laptop and it worked great.

Hulu is not to bad actually, they just need to figure out there is more to the world than just the US. Of course if you are in Canada you can watch some TV on demand on and If you were wondering what I wanted to watch on Hulu it was the last season of Battlestar Galactica.

Potato Dumplings

When I was a kid one of my favourite lunches was potato dumplings. My mother was not one to actually write recipes down though and when she passed away back in 1990 it looked like the recipe for her potato dumplings would be lost with her. I have tried many different potato dumpling recipes from the Internet, but none of them were what I remembered. Back in June 2008 my sister was going through some of my moms old recipe books and came across a piece of paper with my mother’s handwriting. It did not say much, just mashed potatoes, flour, mix and add to boiling water. No proportions.

So after a little experimenting here is what my sister and I came up with to create potato dumplings that are as close to what my mother and my grandmother used to cook.

1 Cup Mashed Potatoes
1 Cup Flour
1 large pot of boiling

1 cup mashed potatoes.
You can use left over mashed potatoes or cook fresh and mash them. I suppose you could use a potato ricer but mashed works fine. If you cook fresh potatoes there is not need to add milk or butter to them, just mash them up. If you are using left over potatoes don’t worry about there being milk or butter in them.

1 cup flour
Mix the mashed potatoes and flour to a small granular consistency with a fork or spoon or whatever is to your liking. The mixture should stick together like wet sand when you pick it up and squeeze it. To make the dumplings just grab a handful of the the mix and squeeze together in your hand.

Drop dumplings into boiling water. You remember the approx size of grandma’s dumplings. Dumplings will sink then float to the top.

After dumplings float to the top, boil for a further 10 minutes.

Drain from the water, mix with oil or butter/margarine.

I like to eat them with sour cream and some salt and pepper.

It only took 18 years to figure out how to make them again. They might not be exactly the same, but they are easy to make and my kids love them.

Just Another WordPress Blog

With over 120 million blogs in existence the question of whether or not the world needs another WordPress blog is probably a resounding NO! That will not stop me from starting this new blog and yes it might be just another WordPress blog, but I am not just another blog author. That might sound egotistical, but it is not meant to be. It is merely a fact that I, like you, am a unique individual and I have a story to tell and all of our stories are unique.

While I have been working on the Internet and earning my living creating websites, blogs and as an Internet marketer for several years I have to admit I have been reluctant to create a personal blog. Writing for my company blog tends to be easy because I am solving problems or presenting information. Personal blogs are a different type of blogging for me. Perhaps it is the thought of bearing my all on the web that has made me reluctant to run a personal blog but ever since I bought this domain I have been contemplating a personal blog.

I will say that I do not have any big plans for this blog and I make no promises that I will post regularly or on any one topic. I know already that this blog will become the center for my online life and that is the reason for the LifeStream. I will probably keep the geeky stuff off of this blog and leave it for my company blog so if you are here wanting to discover how to become the next Internet marketing millionaire or want to know more about web development you really should just be reading my company blog, but there might be the occasional geek topic that slips in.

If you are interested in joining with me in a conversation, in getting to know me better then you are welcome to stick around and leave comments and a take part.