Can’t Play DVD on Ubuntu

Not long ago I had to re-install Ubuntu on my laptop and that went smoothly and I was back up and running in no time but I did not try to play a DVD on the system until recently and I was faced with

Could not read DVD. This may be because the DVD is encrypted and a DVD decryption library is not installed.

Thankfully a quick Google search turned up a post on the Ubuntu forums with my fix.

I am going to post it here for my own reference just in case I need to re-install Ubuntu again.


wget -c
sudo dpkg -i libdvdcss2_1.2.9-2medibuntu4_i386.deb


wget -c
sudo dpkg -i libdvdcss2_1.2.9-2medibuntu4_amd64.deb

Hopefully this can help someone else. I am now happily watching DVD’s on my laptop again. Thanks to the help on the Ubuntu forums.

Link2SD Android App

I have a Motorola Milestone Android phone that I bought almost two years ago. I know that it is already out of date, but it is a good phone and I like it. I thought about getting in one the new Galaxy Nexus phone that is coming out soon, but I have other things I need to spend money on besides a new phone. The one problem I have had on my Milestone though is a lack of memory for apps. It had gotten to the point that I could not add anything new without getting out of space errors.

I have a 16GB SD card in my Milestone but I was not using all of it so I thought if I could move apps to my SD card that would sure help in making the phone useful again. I looked at upgrading to Froyo but my phone is rooted and besides the move to SD card feature the downgrade in performance that might come with the upgrade was not something I wanted. So I went looking for an app that could help me move apps to my SD card and free up some space.

After searching and trying a few apps I came across the Link2SD app. It required taking my 16GB SD card out and re-partitioning it with an extra partition for Link2SD to use but that seemed like a minor inconvenience so I took the card out, made a backup copy of everything on the card and proceeded to re-partition my SD card with two primary partitions. One 15GB for my information and a 1GB primary partition for Link2SD to use. After the partitions were formatted (I used FAT32 if you want to know), I copied all my data back to the 15GB partition and inserted my SD card back in my Milestone and booted it up.

Once my phone booted up I installed Link2SD from the Market and grated it root permissions. It was a pretty simple to start moving the apps to my new SD card partition. I did only a few apps to see how well it worked. It has been over week now and I have been happily adding apps back to my phone that I had removed, like Angry Birds, Google SkyMap and a few others. It has been great to be able to have some room to install new apps on my phone again.

If you don’t have Froyo on your Android phone but are rooted you might want to take a look at Link2SD. It has been a great app to add to my Milestone and has given me a reason to not upgrade quite yet to the next Nexus phone (even if I really want one). I am sure if I hold out long enough the next Nexus phone will be even better. 🙂